Studio617 is an artistic design and fabrication business founded in 2009 in the shadows of Raven's Stadium in Baltimore MD.

In the fall of 2012 Holly took a job in Monterey Bay CA. The metal art, the address plaques, the plasma cutter, the truck(s) and all kinds of residential construction related tools went into mothballs as we moved West and got into the swing of left coast living.

Shortly after the move Bryan was finally diagnosed with the phyiscal issue that had been ailing him physically for a decade or more, and after a handful of surgeries he spent some years getting some things (relatively) straightened out.

It's now 10/21/2018 and it's time to blow the dust off the metal art inventory, and it's time to get back into the swing of creating and selling cool and useful stuff.

Metal Yard Art and a New Line of Address Plaques for the 2018 Holiday Season

We currently have a chunk of metal art from our yard art collection that we shipped to California and we are going to start off by selling that and marketing a new line of address plaques that was just created in November 2018.

Metal Art -- We have about 60 designs, but Bryan sold his CNC plasma cutter to an associate in Maryland and we aren't sure if we'll continue with that business in full or partial once this inventory is sold out. Bryan has sourced a CNC plasma resource in CA and his old machine is still available for contract use and fabrication, but given the new address plaques and the new materials and fabrication systems for those, we may head more in that direction moving forward, so buy the metal yard art now while you can!

Address Plaques -- The general shape is similar to what we created in 2009, but the materials and the options as well as the fabrication process are far different! We have switched to a composite aluminum material for the back plates and an acrylic for the front plates. Both of these are used in the sign industry and they replace the solid aluminum pieces we were producing for both front and back plates originally. Along with the material change we've switched production over from a CNC Plasma Cutter (for the aluminum) to a CNC Router for the back plates (aluminum composite material) and a CNC Laser Cutter for the front plates (acrylic). We are hoping to venture well beyond address plaques with these new materials and machines in 2019 and we're not sure if we'll continue with the yard art once these new products come online.

Upcoming Shows

We just started the process of show searching in CA. A little late for the holiday season, but we'll get in where we can. We are trying to get into some of the markets at the local community colleges and we are also reaching out to a Market Master in the Santa Rosa area to see if we can do a loop up there. We may end up doing Thompson's Choose and Cut other weekends depending on what works out elsewhere and how the sales go there.